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A Wireless Future

Apples gift from the past

Wires,eughhh disgusting

Just under two years ago Apple sent shock waves through the mobile phone world. The iPhone 7 was unveiled. With it came a surprise no one was expecting at all. They had removed the sacred 3.5mm Headphone jack. It was a horrific and traumatic experience for the audience. Jaws dropped, tempers flared, frustration could be heard all over the venue and all over the mobile phone world. What have Apple done? Have they shot themselves in the foot? What were they thinking? Everyone in the Android world wore a smirk. The market leader had dug its own grave; or had it? Apples Vice President talked of how the change involved “courage” and how it will “better all of us”.

Cryptic and unclear the audience and Apple fans around the world raged at this lack of an excuse. An inadequate answer but one which two years later has a much better understanding. At the time everyone was bracing themselves for the inconveniences ahead. Oh how we all acted prematurely!

The huge favor

No headphone jack no problem

Apple did the industry a huge favor that day. They were the first to take the humongous risk. Now a couple of years later other phone manufacturers followed suit. The Google pixel 2 got rid of their headphone jack. It wasn’t as big of a deal as when Apple did it. Well that’s because it wasn’t the first time the deed had been done. All that was left for Apple to do was to unveil the Air pods. The best thing to ever happen to the iPhone.  That’s my opinion anyway. £159,expensive but worth every single penny. They automatically connect to your device as soon they are pulled out the case. The case magnetically closes and its the most satisfying thing ever. They feel premium and they work like true wireless headphones should.

When first released everyone mocked the look. The case apparently looked like some dental floss and the Air pods like toothbrushes hanging out your ears. Now they are a fashion statement. They are worn by celebrities and embraced by all. Such is the marketing of Apple.

A True wireless charging experience

Look, no wires

That’s what Apple desires. Following that ideology Apple introduced wireless charging to their next iPhone. They’ve all had the feature since. You don’t necessarily need any kind of cables now. You could use your iPhone without wires. The Samsung Galaxy S10 came with wireless buds. Samsung basically made their own version of the Air pods. The Air pods were ahead of its time and only now others are starting to catch up. Its only taken the industry two years. But the stubbornness of leaving the headphone jack is making Samsung look like it’s stuck in the past. Is it that, or are Samsung just scared to take the giant leap of faith?

Now apple have released their next generation of Air pods. Updated to include wireless charging for the Air pods charging case itself and a longer battery life. (the talk time and battery was already amazing) As for Apple, There’s no looking back. We now embark on the journey to the future, lets embrace what Apple did that day. They changed the industry forever.


The Charger port trick

The charger port trick

It happens at the most obscene and unwanted times.Its the most annoying thing ever! Trying cable after cable, plug after plug,mains switch after mains switch.Your phone just wont charge! After fiddling around for a while finally it starts charging, but there’s a catch. You have to sit in the most ridiculous position ever for it to work. Dare to move and you’re back to square one. How irritating! But what if I told you there’s a solution. What if I told you I know a little trick to make life easy.

That moment you get your phone to charge.


Well all you will need is something which comes with most, if not all new phones. That little SIM eject key. You know, that small silver “thing” you use once when you’re setting up your phone then never again. Using it I have four easy steps to make your phone charge without any problems. But before we go on let me warn about using too much force. When repairing or even fiddling with any hardware don’t use force. It breaks things and makes problems worse. If you don’t feel confident doing anything with your phone leave it for the professionals. There is always someone qualified and ready to help. If you are confident lets get cracking.


The four steps                                     

1. Get a little torch or light and shine it down the charger port. Can you see a build up of dirt? If yes continue to step two; if not, don’t try anything! Take your phone to a repair shop so you can’t make anything worse. Your phone may have a charging unit problem.

2. Get the SIM key, insert it into the charger port and get it dug into the dirt.

3. pull the dirt out of the charger port by pulling the sim ejector key towards you.(repeat step 2 and 3 until there is no dirt left inside the port)

4. Try charging the phone

Image result for iphone 6 charger port

When scraping out the dirt be very careful not to damage the charger port. Especially when using this method on a phone which has a USB-C charging unit. If successful your phone will now charge. You wont have to sit at an angle too! If your phone still isn’t charging then unfortunately its most likely that your charger port is damaged. Take the phone to your local repair shop so that it can be professionally looked at.Another thing you can do is just leave the charger port altogether and charge the phone using a wireless charger.That is if your phone has the capabilities.Most phones do wireless charge these days though.

Putting the charger in by force, using low quality cables or even damaged cables can potentially break or loosen the charger port. Without a functioning charger port your phone can’t charge, so how would it sufficiently work? Look after it, keep it clean and use the best quality cables. You will never go through the nightmare of having a dysfunctional charging unit again.

The future of the smart phone


Current gen mobiles.

 Mobile phones. We don’t need them yet they have become such an important tool for our everyday life. Mobile phones to me are a digital portal to the world. From online shopping to everyday communication your mobile devices are capable of almost everything, but…

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Has the mobile phone peaked?

I know this is coming at a strange time especially when Samsung and Huawei have revealed their takes on the next generation of mobile phones which have fold-able displays but can the mobile phone get better or do more than it can now? I’d like to think so.

We will certainly be seeing new features, faster speeds and other futuristic gimmicks but what else can be added to make our life easier? There are a lot of unanswered questions. The industry seems to be running out of ideas but there is a glimmer of hope. It takes one genius idea to change it all. One individual with a genius idea and the world will never be the same place.

Think back to the first iPhone. If you watched the press conference when it was unveiled you could see the crowds reaction. They had seen the future. They were amazed, fast forward 10 years later and Samsung unveiled its first fold-able display. I was watching the life stream and although I was personally amazed (I am a mobile phone fanatic to be fair) but the crowds reaction was not as wild as when the first iPhone was unveiled. Its more of a gimmick than a life changing feature. I don’t think a fold-able display will help improve anyone’s life. Having the ability to fold out your phone to make the screen bigger just, makes the screen bigger. I want new futuristic yet convenient innovations.

The smart phone industry has bought itself some time. With the introduction of the fold-able display it has shown at least some sign of progression but its still not enough. I don’t know where we can end up or what we can can achieve. I hope the phone industry is ready to surprise us. I’m looking out for you Mr “Tim Apple”, surprise us all. Donald’s watching.

Tim Cook ( Apple CEO) and Donald Trump (POTUS)