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Here is why everyone should have tempered glass on their mobile phone


Mobile phone Tempered glass
3D Tempered Glass


Is Tempered glass protection important?

Well first of all… what is tempered glass? Tempered glass is a layer of thin glass which goes over your mobile phone screen.  It is used as a heavy duty version of the normal gel screen protectors. They are an upgrade on them in fact. But why? Tempered glass is “tempered” because it is manufactured in a different way than normal glass. It doesn’t have any normal shatter properties like normal glass. For example when it breaks it doesn’t shatter everywhere or break into sharp and dangerous pieces. Tempered glass generally has more chance of taking more damage before it cracks than normal glass.


Anti shatter film:

When glass breaks it doesn’t just snap like a piece of plastic. It shatters and splinters. This results in hundreds of sharp pieces of glass exploding everywhere when broken. This can be extremely dangerous as we all know. But the protective film behind the tempered glass is a clever way to combat this. Although it can’t stop the glass from smashing it can stop it from breaking into hundreds of sharp little pieces. It’s the safety feature of tempered glass.

Clear transparent glass:

For some people using a screen protector is a chore. People don’t want to ruin the user experience of their device and a screen protector can be seen like something which changes the way their phone feels and looks. But with the glass being crystal clear the user can’t tell its even on. If applied correctly and there are no air bubbles using the glass can become a seamless experience. Especially because its thin and crystal clear. You will barely be able to tell its on the phone.

Specific cut-outs:

The main use of tempered glass is to protect your phone from smashing its valuable LCD/OLED screen. Also it helps protect the phone from getting unnecessary scratches.  A counter argument would be that what if it covers my home button or front camera or front speaker grill? Well… tempered glass is made specifically for each type of mobile phone model.  This means that each model would have its specific cut-outs to accommodate the use of the phones basic and necessary features.  This means that’s the user experience is not impacted.


Mobile phone tempered glass
Standard tempered glass

Overall I believe tempered glass is a life saver. The amount of times I’ve dropped my phone onto the floor only to see it survive another day has convinced me there is no going back. Tempered glass is now a major part of my phone setup and protection. Paired with a good phone case you would have 360 degree protection. With phones these days costing up to and over the £1000 mark it’s very important to protect your investment as repairs can be hundreds of pounds too. The features are all made to be beneficial for the user and although they may take away the original feel of the phone they are worth all the supposed hassle. 

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